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Job Scam Warning Signs

It is important that we remain extremely careful before we accept job offers, let alone deposit money on the pretext of the said job.

If a job offer is too good to be true, we might want to consider its authenticity. For example, if a company contacts us before we contact them, and offers the job right away or calls us for an interview immediately, these might be early warning signs. Unbelievable salary offer, with little to no efforts, is also to be careful about.

In certain cases, we must notice if the e-mails are unprofessional. Authentic companies do not usually make spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Further, vague job descriptions and extremely simple eligibility criteria may point at a possible scam.

Inauthentic companies often ask us to provide confidential information. Scammers may ask for our bank account information to transfer money to our account and set up direct deposit. They may also ask us to open a new bank account and provide them with the information.

Legitimate companies never ask for money. We must beware of a company that tells us that we need to purchase software or pay for services at the very onset.

The most obvious point is to use the internet to do extensive research on the company’s background. It is always better to rely on a formalized, face to face interaction with the recruiters, rather than a telephonic interview.

Scammers are usually crafty. They try to make job offers look absolutely authentic. It is important for us to be very careful while applying for a job, and in case of any confusion, we must consult with the official company at their address.